Lewiston Idaho Hotels

Lewiston is the gateway to an amazing natural wonder: Hells Canyon, North America's deepest river gorge, is home to one of the most spectacular ranges in the world, the Great Basin.

Hells Canyon Tours has made you experience the endless western wonders of the canyon for yourself. You can also benefit from an Idaho Golf Package that allows you to stay and play at Lewiston Golf and Country Club, and save on accommodation, parking, meals and other amenities throughout the trip.

With snow and frost covering most of the northwest of the country, the golf course in the valley is open to business travelers and you will feel like a real adventurer as you enjoy the clean, natural air. Many paths wind through the mountains of Lewiston, but the Valley Run is colourful, with powder colours that joggers throw in to finish with a colourful rainbow marathon. Enjoy festivals and many activities throughout the month of April, from art at the port of Elms to the river.

Take advantage of five full-time professional guides who have dedicated their lives to the love of fishing. The spring Chinook fishing trips are guided from our comfortable welded aluminum jet boat, by far the finest of our fleet of guide boats on the river.

Lewiston is home to one of the best golf courses in Idaho, where the mild winter climate allows year-round golf, even in the snow, in the mountains. Play golf at Lewiston Golf Club, the local course, or even play with the locals during the day.

More About Lewiston

More About Lewiston